Essen, May 4, 2017.  Today the Federal Cartel Office published the final report on the sector inquiry into heating and hot water meter reading services (so-called submetering). The Office concludes that there is no need for intervention by the competition authorities. The energy service provider ista welcomes the results of the sector inquiry.

On the basis of wide-ranging and sound facts, the report clarifies the significance and special features of the consumption-dependent metering and billing of heating and hot water costs and disproves the prejudices that sometimes exist against submetering providers. As expected, the nearly two-year-long comprehensive investigation revealed that metering service providers are operating in compliance with competition law. Therefore, the Federal Cartel Office sees no need for any intervention by the competition authorities.

In addition to the actual inquiry, the report gives suggestions as to how to make the market for submetering services even more consumer-friendly. We see these recommendations as positive in terms of creating even greater transparency. We will continue to dedicate ourselves to offering practical and economical solutions for landlords and tenants.

Dr. Mirko-Alexander Kahre

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