Essen, February 22, 2017. Receiving monthly information about their heating behaviour certainly pays dividends for tenants. This is the result of a three-year pilot project conducted by dena (German Energy Agency), the German Tenants' Association, the Federal Ministry of the Environment and ista. Thomas Zinnöcker, ista's CEO, comments as follows: 

"The result of the pilot project, "Saving Money through Clever Heating", clearly shows that consumption transparency leads to greater energy efficiency. The roughly 200 households which participated in the project were informed every month about their heating energy consumption over a period of three years and, as a result, saved an average of 10%. Savings of 3% and more already meant a bottom-line gain for the tenants. Greater consumption transparency therefore pays off simply and effectively for everyone: tenants have more money in their pockets, landlords have a better product and climate protection benefits owing to the reduction in CO2 emissions.

The result also shows that efficiency measures in buildings do not need to be expensive. Compared with insulation and heating system refurbishment, the costs of consumption information are reasonable and quickly recouped. In future, anyone who wants to discuss the cost-effectiveness of the energy transition in buildings should first talk about greater transparency for tenants.

The potential is enormous: the energy savings in the project provide an initial idea of what would be possible nationwide. Almost half of all 40 million homes in Germany are in multi-family buildings. Even if only a fraction of the residents achieved similarly good results as in the pilot project, the effect for a successful energy and heat transition would be tremendous – not least of all as regards the very considerable CO2 savings potential.

I would therefore like to go into greater detail on the findings of the project with all those involved. The objective must always be to create win-win-win situations for tenants, landlords and the environment."

More information on the pilot project "Saving Money through Clever Heating":

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