Essen/Berlin/Amsterdam, February 8, 2017. ista is again one of the best employers in Germany and Europe. A total of six European branches of the company are receiving the international "Top Employers Europe Certificate" this year. In Germany, the exemplary trainee programme of the energy service provider will also be receiving an award.

With the "Top Employers Europe Certificate", the Amsterdam Top Employers Institute gives awards once a year to companies with outstanding HR management. The assessment includes aspects such as corporate culture, HR management, employee development as well as work-life balance. ista has already received several awards in recent years. This year, the Essen-based company further improved its performance: alongside the branches in Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland and Poland, the ista Service Center in Romania is also receiving the coveted award for the first time. 

"We are a company where the employees enjoy their work and have the feeling that they can actually achieve something," says Bentje Grünewald, project manager at ista. "The award as a top employer in six countries shows that we are on the right track, also at international level."

Absolventa gives an award to the ista trainee programme

ista is receiving another award for its trainee programme. The "Trainee Award" of the job portal, Absolventa, stands for fair and career-advancing training programmes. It aims to reward employers who offer young talents first-class conditions, including assigning them responsible and varied tasks, fair remuneration, the opportunity of a long-term job as well as an evaluation of the programme by external experts.

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