Essen, February 23,  2017. Together with Deutsche Telekom, ista is putting IoT technologies to good use for the housing industry and tenants throughout Germany. The two companies are showing the latest developments in this mass market at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The energy service provider ista has more than 15 million so-called "connected devices" in service in multi-family buildings throughout Europe. These include battery-powered digital metering devices, mainly for heat and water consumption, as well as smart smoke alarm devices. At present, some 400,000 more are added to ista's existing devices every month. "We see a clear trend towards the smart building among our customers in the housing industry," says Jochen Schein, ista's COO. "The demand from owners and landlords for networked digital devices is rising continuously." The market potential is huge: in Germany alone, nearly half of all 40 million apartments are in multi-family buildings.

Together with Deutsche Telekom, ista now intends to quickly bring IoT technologies to market maturity for use in multi-family buildings. The joint project is initially focusing on the intelligent recording, visualisation and billing of energy consumption. Up to now, a GSM mobile radio system has been used for data transmission in this sector. IoT technologies, such as narrowband IoT, are the next logical step in this evolution and this also applies to battery-powered devices. "The quality and range of data transmission is again increased by narrowband IoT. Coverage is considerably better than with GSM – so we also reach the meters in the cellar," says Alexander Lautz, Sr. Vice President, Machine-to-Machine of Deutsche Telekom. "The use of standardised LTE security mechanisms also guarantees a very high level of security at the air interface."

The project is also to determine the potential for more smart IoT-based products and services which offer special benefits to owners and tenants in multi-family buildings. Here, the focus is on holistic solutions for the smart, digital multi-family building (smart building).

The two companies are presenting the latest results of their cooperation at the Mobile World Congress being held in Barcelona from February 27 to March 2, 2017. 

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